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How can I configure opening hours?

Tally Market allows you to set the hours your venue is available for Tally Market bookings. This can be changed at any time.

How do I configure opening hours? 

On your venue profile if you scroll down there is a section where you can set the hours your venue is available for bookings.  This is not necessarily the hours your venue is open but the hours it will be available to Tally Market users for bookings.  

If you need to select different available hours for individual weekdays you can do so by selecting "Edit individual days" in the top right-hand corner.  

Can I set different available hours for different spaces? 

No, you can only currently set opening hours at the venue level and not at the individual space level.  If this is a feature you would use please email hello@tallymarket.co.uk and let us know.  


Can I amend my venue's available hours? 

Yes, you can amend the hours your venue is available to bookings at any time.  Simply log into the platform and follow the instructions above.