Additional services/extras (e.g. catering)

Tally Market does not currently allow add-ons like catering to be added via the platform. These are handled offline via email.

How does it work if customers want to add additional add-ons such as catering? 

These are currently handled offline by our customer service team.  They will contact you via email to confirm the price and details before confirming with the customer.  These will then be added to your self-billing invoice at month-end. 

How does commission work for add-ons? 

Please note the commission and transaction fee deducted will be the same as the commission on the booking.  If you have any concerns or questions on the deductions please contact  

What happens if a customer wants to add additional services or extras during their booking? 

If additional services or upgrades are provided to Tally Market Market Customers on the day of the booking it is the venue’s responsibility to charge the customer for these services directly and pay Tally Market the standard Tally Market Fee of 12.5% plus the Transaction Fee of 2.5%, OR if the Customer wishes to upgrade or make an amendment to their booking via the Tally Market platform it is the venue’s responsibility to ensure that the amendment is requested on the Tally Market platform and that you have received an email confirmation from Tally Market.  Please see our full terms and conditions here.