Are there additional commission fees or charges for using the Nexudus Integration?

Tally Market agree on the commission amount before your venue is set live. Nexudus will not charge your venue additional fees for using the integration.

Is there a fee for the Nexudus Integration? 

When you set up your Tally Market account you will be clearly shown the commission and transaction fee on each booking.  This fee includes the costs for using the Nexudus integration.  You will also receive a breakdown of the fees via email both when you set up the space and when each booking is accepted.   

I am already listed on Tally Market will adding the integration impact the commission I am charged? 

No, Tally Market is not currently planning to increase commission rates as a result of using the integration.  

Will there be any additional fees from Nexudus? 

No, there will be no additional charges on the Nexudus side your monthly charges will remain the same.