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Booking requests being rejected automatically

Some venues find their bookings are rejected before they have viewed them. This article explains why this happens and what you need to do in order to resolve this issue.

Why are the bookings being rejected? 

Some email platforms or CRM systems review all links in emails as a security measure to ensure that all links are safe and that there is no security issue.  In order to check the links in the emails, each URL is clicked by the security software.  

Tally Market booking request emails contain URLs in order for venues to be able to quickly accept and reject bookings without having to log into the Tally Market platform.  

What can I do to stop the bookings from being rejected?

You will need to update the security settings within your software to ignore the specific URLs in the Tally Market emails.  Each URL has a unique booking ID and security ID.  You will need to set your settings to ignore URLs that contain the following: 

  • https://www.tallymarket.co.uk/accept-booking
  • https://www.tallymarket.co.uk/reject-booking

Once you have updated your security settings please contact hello@tallymarket.co.uk if you would like us to send a test email to check the settings have been updated.