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How do I get more bookings?

Here's a few tips on how to get more bookings to maximise your value on Tally Market

Offer a free day pass

A free day pass allows each Tally Market member to make one free hot-desk booking at your venue.

Many of our customers start out only booking venues with a free day pass then end up spending money on the places they've tried and know they like. By providing this option, you're pushing yourself to the head of the queue and giving yourself the opportunity to establish a loyal, long-term customer base.

Provide lots of details and images on your venue listing

We've seen a really strong correlation between venues that take genuine care filling out the listing form with all the details of their venue and those that receive the most bookings. If your venue has free tea and coffee, then say so. If there's a roof terrace that doubles up as a bar, put up a picture of it!

Many of our customers seek out venues with the best perks, so spend just another 10 or 15 minutes creating your listing to make yourself stand out.

Tally tip: Under the "Profile & Description" tab, try to include at least 3-4 original sentences not found elsewhere on the internet. This will help push you to the top of the queue on our website!

Turn on auto approval

Our customers look for certainty and speed when they are looking to book spaces. By turning on auto approval, which allows customers to instantly book spaces you know are available, you're making their lives much more convenient.

Check out some of our top venues

If you'd like to see what an ideal venue page looks like, have a look at De Beauvoir Block for some inspiration.

Talk to a member of our team

Our team are always happy to talk about ways to improve your listing! If you have any questions about listings or want to arrange a meeting then reach out to us on hello@tallymarket.co.uk or come on our live chat.