How do I set up the Office Rnd Integration?

Office Rnd can be integrated with Tally Market within minutes. This enables us to show our users the live availability of your meeting rooms and group spaces.

How long does the setup take? 

The setup can be done in less than 10 minutes

What do I need to set up the integration with Office Rnd? 

No technical experience is required to set up the Tally Market integration with Office Rnd. You will require admin access to both your venue's Tally Market account as well as your Office Rnd account. 

Can you help me set up the integration? 

Yes, of course, please contact us at and we can talk you through the process in a video call or in person.  

How do I set up the Office Rnd and Tally Market Integration? 

1. Set up a Tally Market application within Office RnD

  • In Office RnD go to Settings > Developer Tools > Add Application
  • Enter ‘Tally ’ as the name and tick ‘Read’ and ‘Write’ permissions and create the application
  • Click ‘view’ next to the application and you will see the Client ID and Client Secret. These need to be entered onto the Tally Market platform see step 3 below.  

2. Create a company for Tally Market to create bookings 

  • In Office RnD go to Community > Add Company > Add a ‘Name’ (we recommend Tally Market so you know they’re Tally Market bookings).
  • Click to view the Company and the URL in the browser provides the Admin site name and the Tally Market Company ID. 

3. Enter Office information into your Tally Market account

  • In the integrations section of your Tally Market account enter the Client Id, Client Secret, Admin site name and Company ID from your Office Rnd account.  

4.  Sync Tally spaces with Office RnD spaces

Once this information is added to your Tally account you can then match up each meeting room space you have with the corresponding one on Office Rnd. 

This is available from a dropdown from within each individual edit Space section and can be removed at any time.

Once selected Tally Market will then be able to check availability and make bookings for this specific space.