How does the Nexudus Integration with Tally Market work?

The Tally Market integration with Nexudus checks whether a group space is available and automatically updates your Nexudus Calendar with bookings and cancellations.

What does the Nexudus Integration with Tally Market do? 

The Tally Market integration with Nexudus currently has the following functionality.  You will still receive all of the same email reminders about bookings but you will no longer need to accept or reject bookings manually.  

1. Checks live availability of meeting rooms

Checks availability of your live Nexudus calendar and only allows users to book if the requested time slot is available.  As shown below if a space is booked on your Nexudus calendar it will not be available to bookings for Tally Market users.  

2. Bookings & cancellations automatically updated in Nexudus
  • If available and can be booked - the booking is automatically accepted on Tally Market and then scheduled directly into your Nexudus calendar. 
  • Bookings are scheduled into the calendar under the name Tally Market with the booker's name in the booking description.  
  • The Tally Market user receives an email confirmation to confirm it’s been accepted and it appears in their account as usual.

If it’s then cancelled on Tally Market - it’s also removed from the Nexudus calendar. 

Note - That if a booking is cancelled on Nexudus this will need to be manually updated in the Tally Market platform.  This can be done by logging into your venue account or pressing the "cancel" button in the booking email.