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How much should I list my spaces for?

Deciding on the right price for your venue can be a tough balancing act, here are a few tips to make sure you get it right.

Average pricing

Most of our hot-desks are listed for between 3-5 tokens per person per day, though meeting room rates tend to vary a little more.

Try to give customers a discount when they book a space for a longer time. We recommend giving customers 25% off the hourly rate when they book for a half-day and 35% off the hourly rate when they book for a whole day.

Check prices for other venues in your area

Use our search feature to find out prices for the venues in your vicinity to ensure you're staying competitive.

Keep pricing consistent across websites

Customers cross-reference prices for venues over different websites; your Tally booking isn't going to get much attention if customers can find your venue cheaper elsewhere.

Talk to a member of our team

If you're unsure, our team is always happy to provide you with some info and advice on what we think would work best for you. To ask any questions or arrange a meeting, send us an email at hello@tallymarket.co.uk or come on our live chat.