No record of a booking

The customer has arrived at the venue and we have no record of their booking

What should I do? 

1) Log into your account to see if the booking is appearing in your account as requested or approved.  

2) Ask the customer to show evidence of a confirmed booking on the Tally Market website - the booking should appear in the "upcoming bookings" section of their account.  

3) Contact us before proceeding with the booking on:  

Please note our terms and conditions state: 

16.4 If additional services or upgrades are provided to Tally Market members on the day of the booking it is the venue’s responsibility to charge the customer for these services directly and pay Tally Market our commission of 15%, OR if the member wishes to upgrade or make an amendment to their booking via the Tally Market platform it is the venue’s responsibility to ensure that the amendment is requested on the Tally Market platform and that you have received an email confirmation from Tally Market.

If you are unable to contact the team at Tally Market for any reason we recommend either:

1) Requesting that the customer requests the booking via the Tally Market website.  

2) Taking the payment from the customer directly and reassuring them that a refund will be provided via Tally Market if the booking has been paid for twice. 

Why did I not receive the booking request? 

At Tally Market all bookings should be confirmed and processed via the Tally Market platform.  This means you should have received a booking request email (or confirmation if your space is on auto approval) as well as a booking reminder email the day before the booking (if the booking was made in advance).  

Please check your email settings to ensure that the booking request has not been blocked by your security settings:  

1) Check your spam. 

2) Ensure that is whitelisted in your email inbox.  Please find instructions on how to do this here